Scalable Cloud Compute

High performance, fully managed scalable SSD servers for powerful computing, backed by fully redundant multiple gigabit and low latency networks.

Build Your Server

Simple hourly pricing. Choose resources you need and pay for what you actually use. Try building your SC2 below by scaling resources up or down to see your pricing.

CPU (min 1 cores)


$0.0015 /HR


$0.00119 /HR
DISK (min 20 GB)


$0.004 /HR
IPv4 Address


$0.0027 /HR

Automated Backups

Backups are essential to protect your server against not only data loss but also countless other external threats like data breach and the impact of malicious software.



Snapshots can take you back to the point in time before the error occurred and grant you a second attempt at saving your server from corruption.


Cloud Firewall

Our Managed Firewall helps you make sure that you are safe from unauthorized access to your servers. If you do leave your server without a firewall, all your ports are exposed to the world.


SSD Storage

Go SSD for a Faster Experience. Blazing Fast Servers with Enterprise Grade RAID-10 SSDs up to 1Gb/s in read/write speeds. SSD or Solid State Drive is a super fast storage medium that uses flash memory as opposed to a magnetic memory. They’re typically six times faster than an HDD.

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